EcoSAPER for picking dog waste


• Lets you discreetly collect items of every consistency.
• It does not require direct contact of the palm of the hand with the collected objects, even through the material of the bag.
• It allows you to collect items from any surface, even unevenly, because it fits into it
• The collection operation can be carried out with one hand, keeping the distance from the items collected.
• It allows multiple items to be collected in one tank, which is especially important, for example in quite often the case of dog scatters scattered over large areas.

Goodaga invented, constructed and patented by Dariusz Wadowski (patent P. 417137)


Usage instructions:

1. Pack the bag on the rolled up Goodaga

2. Using the handle in the shape of a knob open the loop.

3. Put your purse in the open loop of Goodaga and swing it around the outside of the loop.

4. Attach the edge of the bags touching on the handle on the top ring Goodaga

5. Place the open loop on the object so that it is fully covered.

6. Press the Goodaga knob to move it all the way down. The loop will clamp under the object to be picked up.

7. Turn Goodaga up, slightly open it and shake so that the object falling into the pocket created by the purse.

8. If the items are distant from each other, you can repeat the above mentioned steps several times

See our video: How to use Goodaga:

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