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Go-Now swords are made for sport and fun for children from 3 to 100. To become a brave and noble knight is a dream of every child. The Go-Now swords can bring your child into the world of adventures and expeditions. Their greatest advantage is that with them you can fight real battles with no harm done to your and your opponents’ health and safety. This results from the construction of the swords which are light and soft, so that fighting with them resembles pillow fight. To offer a possibility of performing guards and blocks like in real fencing, three fourths of the “blade” has been made rigid inside, and only one fourth has remained elastic, which ensures painless and safe contact. Go-Now swords are most enjoyed by children between 5 and 12; however, there is no limitation on the age of participants in the game – it only depends on their temperaments. The swords can be also used as an element of an interesting and effective warm-up, and in proper training – to develop speed, technique and coordination. Fighting with two swords at a time requires unusual coordination but it also gives unusual joy of movement…

Soft end-piece of the blade enables safe and painless strokes and thrusts.
The toy swords are available in two versions: