What is a Go-Now Fencing?
Go-Now Fencing Show during Poland’s Cup in Traditional Karate in Atlas Arena
We run workshops during Grunwald – a big reenactment event in Poland
We share different techniques during Go-Now tournaments and championships
Go-Now Fencing can be trained whenever you want and where ever you wish to
Safe weapons can be trained in different conditiones
We’re often visited by Zbigniew Skrudlik

What we call Go-Now Fencing here, is fencing with all kind of singlesticks* alike Go-Now. The rules of such fencing are diversified in reliance to preferences and purpose appointed by each fencing group. It could be for example recreating ways of use for white weapons over a span of centuries, working out a duel choreography, sport competition in different conventions, Go-Now System*, etc. And it could also be playing, fencing for fun.

This fun, which we initiated in year 2000, is as per to our concept, transforming into independent sport. There have already been held seven championships, apart from many smaller tournaments. And they all are thriving in the fencing environment. Rules of duels on such events are still evolving , striving toward transparency and attractiveness for contestants and audience. More about championships HERE



Initially they were sticks with a guard to protect a hand, used to train fencing.
Go-Now singlesticks have a characteristic feature, they are covered with amortising foam, that enables safe practice without any protection at all.


Go-Now System
It’s a sport fencing system, which refers to Polish duel sabre. Main assumptions of this system are:
• During trainings and contests Go-Now singlesticks are being used
• The fighting ones are opponents in “white shirts”. It means they don’t have to dress in protective armour, and what’s more, they don’t have to hit hard
• The trainings, competitions, lifestyle are based on knightly ethics and ethos. We mean such values as honour, good manners and fairness in a fight
• On trainings particular attention is paid to symmetrical progress of right and left side. Also on tournaments we use both sides.
• We work our way to attractive team competition
• Popularizing Go-Now fencing in Poland and all around the world.
• International exchange between fencing groups, also between polish fencing groups
• Adopt Go-Now fencing as a rehabilitative method for disabled
Go-Now fencing can be successfully pursued, as a sport or play, both, by children [from about three years old] and by adults.
General, sample outline of a training session in Go-Now system in our sections:
-participants and the coach form a circle and make fencing salute with their sabres. Then they sit down and the coach discusses objectives for the training session and all other matters required before the training commences.
-Preliminary warm-up
It is intended to prepare organism for physical activity and increase general physical abilities (strength and mobility). To diversify and enrich exercises we often use dance and other plays.
-Specialized warm-up
It is intended to prepare for strains specific for fencing and practicing reflex.
-Technical fencing exercises:
footwork, hand movements in guards and cuts, diverse exercises of attacks, ripostes etc.
Such exercises are particularly liked by young participants because they resemble fights seen in movies. They have, however, vital practical application because they improve and consolidate fencing techniques.
-Individual and team sparring fights
-A training session always concludes with a farewell salute in a circle, similarly to the opening of a session.


The equipment and Go-Now System has been conceived by Dariusz Wadowski (patent PL-196873).