Tournament Bory’s Heart Cup in Czersk

One of Go-Now Foundation’s activities is Go-Now Sport. Go-Now Sport is concentrated on popularising fencing, especially Go-Now fencing – during trainings and championships we use single sticks to duel.
Our goal is to promote Go-Now fencing system, in which we pay special attention to duel ethics, symmetrical training (in our combat sections we train on the right and left side) and to create an area for fencers of different, very often distant, martial styles, where they can get together in a sport competition.
We’re running sport sections, where Go-Now fencing is trained and we also have partners in fencing clubs, who introduce training with our single stics to their students or run classes for Go-Now enthusiasts.

We’re also organizing Go-Now tournaments and championships in all age categories and (what we wish for) in representations of all countries.
A very important direction of Go-Now Foundation activities is work with disabled people, and especially with people after cerebral palsy and with Down syndrome. In this area we have such efforts that all rehab treatment centres could get envy about 🙂 For more about rehabilitation see Go-Now Rehab.