CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015聽The transmission started earlier + running couple minutes late = start from the 53 minute 馃檪聽聽from 11:16 to聽11:52聽report from the championships (eliminations)聽from 5:06 聽to聽6:32


walka fina艂owa Szczepan 艁akomy (PGF Salut) vs Konrad Kramarz (Go-Now 艁贸d藕)

walka Filip Fica (Akademia Broni) vs Dariusz Wadowski (Go-Now 艁贸d藕)


relation聽Nowodworska TV from the championships聽2012 fina艂owa Konrada Kramarza (Go-Now 艁贸d藕) i Aleksandra Frydrycha (Pozna艅ska Grupa Fechtunku SALUT)
Szczepan 艁akomy (Pozna艅ska Grupa Fechtunku SALUT) vs聽Rafan Kalus (Akademia Szermierzy)

– animated video聽“Go-Now swords”
–聽brothers playing at home with Go-Now swords
– Wojciech Adamusik’s聽Martial Arts School聽 – forerunner of聽Jet-Kune-Do in 艁贸d藕. The instructors, just for fun, are training with Go-Nows in “Kali” System聽
– Tadeusz Nowicki – forerunner of fencing for Everyone, fencing with Go-Now equipment in rehabilitation of disabled people on wheelchairs聽
workshops in聽Manufaktura