One handed Sword with flat blade

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Weight 730 g

Cross guard 18 cm

Length of hilt 12 cm

Length of blade 62 cm

Total length 79 cm


Weight 730 g, cross guard 18 cm, length of hilt 12 cm, length of blade 62 cm, total length 79 cm, flat blade.

The sword was frequently used in cord and buckler fights.

Designs, copyrights and implementation of Go-Now trainning weapons belong to Wadek Dariusz Wadowski

1 review for One handed Sword with flat blade

  1. V.S.

    It doesn´t look like the images, they look much more like the long heavy swords which I don´t mind because I am not a fan of the red stripe along the edge on the image. Although I thought it would be more “foamy” – it´s more of a sturdy foam, but it works well. I would probably go only on 90% force when sparring without protective gear because it still hurts but very much less so compared for example a Cold Steel one – that one is like a club and hurts – it´s also not balanced while these are. Feels very good in the hand. The only gripes I have is that there are parts that seemed to be secured by what seems to be some kind of plastic tape which will probably get worn and needed to be replaced but other than that I am satisfied with these. I reccomend them for total beginners but also Pros that want to have some fun without full gear on.

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