Go-Now in Use

Sabres, epees and swords by Go-Now a perfectly suited for safe learning of fencing 

They prove themselves perfect for supplemental or warm up training in any kind of martial arts or sports

They very well may be employed in the general psychomotoric rehabilitation

And last but not least, they can be used for having great fun

Construction of Go-Now equipment allows for safe execution of cuts and stabs without a fear of harming anyone. Very strong blows may cause bruises, naturally resulting from hits with the light pipe coated with foamy protector. In attacks onto most sensitive spots i.e. eyes, throat or abdomen, a person being attacked feels certain discomfort, therefore we recommend using protective gear, if attacks of this kind are made allowable. However, a likelihood of injury caused by such attacks is minimal and no harm has been ever done over eight years of using Go-Now sabres.
Let’s quote an expert and master of historical cold-arms Mr Janusz Sieniawski: Go-Now equipment is difficult to overestimate in an evolution of training arms. Its significant advantage is their close-to-real looks and yet no restraining of blows is necessary; this applies to advanced and beginner fencers alike. It turns out that even a beginner can inflict an unexpected winning cut to his master opponent. This reveals a true nature of cold-arms – during a fight, no matter how advanced you are, do not neglect anyone and never cease to be alert.


We have participated in several international fairs and we were amazed with the level of interest in our gear among people conducting various types of rehabilitation – psychological, disabilities, socialisation. Also, we discovered that disabled, paralyzed children on wheelchairs were truly drawn into play using Go-Now Equipment, waving sabres perhaps not very skilfully but with the great joy in their hearts. Such a play and training feeds their imagination, fosters their self esteem and abilities. Handing a sabre requires not only an effort towards dexterity but also utilizing their potential in psychic powers and visualization of success.


All martial arts classes use various additional exercises aimed at all- around development of contestants. Fencing cannot be underestimated here, as it positively affects not only development of reflex, judgment of proper distance, coordination and tuning into tempo but it also reinforces fairness in fight. Therefore in many sections such as aikido, karate, judo, boxing, our Go-Now sabres are used for a warm-up or training.