Go-Now Foundation




Darek Wadowski’s Go-Now Foundation (KRS Number: 0000 31 85 96) was established to introduce, and to make real, original ideas, which may bring joy to people and benefit the environment. The first task the Foundation devoted itself to, is promoting and popularizing Go-Now fencing system. Owing their tradition and literature, Poles feel particularly entitled to identify a sabre and a horse as their national attributes. We would like to enable everyone to fulfil their desire to handle sabre with the skill and grandeur, regardless of their nationality and degree of disability.

Our ambition is also to achieve popularity of Go-Now fencing system all around the world and, perhaps, make it become an Olympic discipline in the future. We have already held ten championships in Go-Now and next year we’re going to have 11th championships in Łódź/Poland. Everyone’s welcome to come and watch or take part 🙂

The foundation already conducts its own fencing sections and will keenly partner with anybody who is interested, whether from Poland or elsewhere, especially former fencers, to help them establish such sections, once they’ve become familiar with the Go-Now fencing system.

The foundation also provides different activities for seniors.  And conducts fencing rehabilitation classes for people educationally subnormal. We are always greatful for volunteers ready to work with people with Down syndrome or cerebral palsy.