Heavy Broadsword

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Dimensions of heavy broadsword:
Weight 570 g
Length of blade 79 cm
Length of hilt -13,5 cm
Length ca. 92,5 cm


Blade colour black.
Straight blade.
Hilt – rubber twine in black.
Rubber pommel.
Reinforced core.
Hand-guard covered with additional amortising layer.

For adults and children from 7 years old.


Heavy Broadsword

Standard and Heavy Broadsword

1 review for Heavy Broadsword

  1. Jo

    I bought two of these quite a while ago when I started to get interested in HEMA but was a bit reluctant to throw hundreds of Euros at steel practicing swords and the required safety gear. I didn’t expect too much and was pleasently surprised about the feel and quality once they arrived. Over the years they have shown themselfs to be extremely well made and durable, not flimsy at all and suited both for technique training as well as, of course, full force whacking each other. The only thing needed is a fencing mask or boxing helmet with visor.

    Great plus: You can hand them to any amateur and have them attack you any way they want full force, which leads to surprisingly many hits when you are used to training with more technical opponents.

    Very very happy with my broadswords and buying more swords while I am typing this.

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