Heavy Sabre

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Dimensions of heavy sabre:
Weight 570 g
Length of blade 79 cm
Length of hilt 13,5 cm
Length ca. 92,5 cm


Blade colour black.
Guard clearance ca. 5 cm (any clearance can be custom ordered).
Hilt – rubber twine in black.
Rubber pommel.
Reinforced core in heavy sabre.
Hand-guard covered with additional amortising layer.


Heavy Sabre

Standard and Heavy Sabre

1 review for Heavy Sabre

  1. Ítalo Cavalcanti (verified owner)

    This item was recommended to me by two canadian historical fencing instructors, I bought two and fell in love with them(the sabers, not the fencing instructors). Now I train with my friends all the time with them through John Musgrave Waite manual, and even some Fiore -pretending it’s an arming sword-. These sabers changed my life for the better, myself loving HEMA while not having any club in my country. Seriously, random stranger, throw your money at go-now’s face and take home this beauty.

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