Heavy Sword with flat blade

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Heavy Sword with flat blade.

Weight 850 g
Length of the blade 89 cm
Length of the hilt 31 cm
The total length 120 cm


Heavy Sword with flat blade. The use of a flat blade instead of a round one allows a clear extraction of the edge and the point of the sword. In addition, this version due to its composite construction increases the mechanical strength of the blade.

The offer refers to one sword with a flat blade.


On the left the flat blade sword, on the right a round blade

On the left the flat blade sword, on the right a round blade


On the left the flat blade sword, on the right a round blade


2 reviews for Heavy Sword with flat blade

  1. V.S.

    It looks as in the images although I thought it would be more “foamy” – it´s more of a sturdy foam, but it works well. I would probably go only on 80% force when sparring without protective gear because it still hurts but very much less so compared for example a Cold Steel one and a half trainer – that one is like a club and hurts – it´s also not balanced while these are, feels very good in the hand. The only gripes I have is that there are parts that seemed to be secured by what seems to be some kind of plastic tape which will probably get worn and needed to be replaced but other than that I am satisfied with these. Last thing is I find them a little bit short for me but maybe that´s just preference, if there will be a longer /maybe even a zweihander/ option, I would be interested. I reccomend them for total beginners but also Pros that want to have some fun without full gear on.

  2. Abehssera Ilan

    I ordered a training montante with flat blade, great quality for a low price, will 100% recommand it!

    Thanks to the Go-Now team for their efficacy and kindness too 🙂

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