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Weight 580 g

Diameter 31 cm

Profiled hilt

Red or Blue colour


Weight 580 g, diameter 31 cm, profiled hilt (similar to sabres) allows steady and comfortable grip. The brought out umbo protects the hand well and gives the buckler a distinctive look. Red or blue stripe on the edge of the buckler gives a chance to distinguish the opponents during the tournaments.

Designs, copyrights and implementation of Go-Now trainning weapons belong to Wadek Dariusz Wadowski

2 reviews for Buckler

  1. Clifton (verified owner)

    These are really high quality, great value, and make practicing with my children really fun (my son is 7).

  2. Nicholas Cowham (verified owner)

    I was very pleasantly surprised with the build quality. The handles are very sturdy and secure and the foam is stout though still gives superb padding protection. I bought two along with two of the padded one-handed swords for our small club in Thailand and it’s great for practicing in a hot country where full sparring kit can just be too hot to wear. We can spar with very minimal kit. Excellent! We will continue to order more of these as we grow. The communication with Go-Now was top rate and the items were shipped really quickly.

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